Prices - Selfie Mirror


We are Aberdeen and Dundee Selfie Mirror. We are the main selfie mirror hire company in Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness. Our selfie mirror is a great way of entertaining people at any type of event and is particularly popular at weddings and birthday parties. It can also e booked for corporate events and charity fundraisers as well.

Aberdeen selfie mirror cover all major cities in Scotland so even if your event is not in Dundee, Aberdeen or Perthshire we may be able to supply you with a mirror in a different area.

There are so many types of entertainment to entertain people at an event but many forms of entertainment have been around for a long time. The magic selfie mirror has only been in Aberdeen for a couple of years so for many Aberdeen people will not have seen or experienced one before. This is why it is a great idea to book a selfie mirror in Aberdeen.

Our slim line selfie mirror can fit in to the smallest of spaces so if you cant fit in a inflatable booth you can get a selfie mirror instead.